Nana-ice cream

Llega la primavera y empieza a hacer cada vez mejor tiempo. Entran ganas de comer heladitos … pero madre mía la de azucares añadidos y guarradas llevan. Os propongo una idea sana, rápida y fácil de heladitos… de plátano! Tan … Continue reading

Kefir 2!

My kefir is slowly growing! Everyday I have a new ‘batch’ of nice yogurt which I hope to make into cheese this weekend.

First thing I do every morning after taking a shower I filter my kefir milk and save it in a small container. I have it later in the afternoon as a desert with strawberries, red berries and some muesli or other cereals to improve its taste. I’m not saying my kefir tastes bad, but it’s like raw yogurt. ANYWAYS, I’m happy with my new adquisition and looking forward to start making cheeesseee!!




(In this bowl I put blood oranges, strawberries, chocolate and normal muesli with kefir)

I’ve also done some other smoothies if anyone is interested with it …

  • Banana peanut butter
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla banana
  • Vanilla

… and they taste amazingly good!