Sadly I missed today’s class … BUT I plan to go at least once this week when I finish my wind energy project due wednesday … SO I found on the website mentioned in the previous post and in another on women’s health some articles on the benefits of pilates …

I’ve been doing pilates since 2011, last year in Uni and I can say I’ve felt the difference … mainly when it comes to flexibility. Otherwise … here the 6 basics for pilates to improve your strength, flexibility, body posture and respiration;

  1. Concentration: Be careful on what your teacher tells you to do
  2. Control all of your actions
  3. Core strength…  and gravity from different areas of your body
  4. Smooth and clean movements … no rush or blocking
  5. Precision  on each and every move
  6. Respiration: deep breaths throughout each movement realized
Pilates Exercise Video class

Pilates Exercise Video class (Photo credit: myyogaonline)


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