Good or bad?

Another one of my favourite websites is ‘eroski consumer’… it’s a website created by a spanish supermarket which in this site posts articles related to all kinds of products and studies.

I was reading now one which is related to the changes in some aliments which were considered unhealthy in the past but over the years are seen as a better product than they used to and viceversa. Such as …

  • Egg … used to be said to lead to high levels of cholesterol is now viewed as a great source of protein  and full of nutrients
  • Coffee … to cause hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and cause/worsen other heart problems… to be consumed with care (remember the book I recommended!! Stated that coffee doses should be reduced as far as possible!)
  • Milk … careful with full fat and the overdose of dairy products mainly butter
  • Chocolate …
  • Bread …
  • Peanut butter …
  • Wine …
  • Beer …

Still remember that even if some foods are better than others, the over consumption of them can be worse than having a small quantity of a bad one… so no unnecessary excesses! Anyways if you are interested read the following articles 😀


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