La enzima prodigiosa

Finished the book! I recommend it to everyone it’s quite an easy and interesting book to read. I read it in Spanish and to summarize

….. Carry out a healthy diet

  • 85-90% vegetables – Mainly whole food, fresh and with no additives
  • 10-15% animal proteins – fish, poultry in small doses, avoid other animals… eggs and dairy
  • Add to your diet … herbal teas, algae, brewer’s yeast, bees pollen, food with plenty enzymes and other natural supplements
  • Avoid or reduce … dairy, green tea, coffee, sugar & sweet stuff, nicotine, alcohol, chocolate, fatty acids, salt
  • Recommendations … Eat before going to bed… way before (he says about 4/5h before… Although I am sure that 3h is enough) … chew about 30 times your food… don’t munch between meals and if you do have a piece of fruit … eat fruit or juices about 30- 60 minutes before a meal… eat whole grains/cereals … eat raw or slightly boiled food … don’t eat oxidised food … eat fermented products … be disciplined

….. Drink water

  • Essential to life
  • Drink ‘good’ water … mineral o hard water
  • At least 6 glasses a day … 2/3 in the morning and before a meal

… Eliminate

  • Organize yourself … keep a same sleeping and eating pattern
  • No laxatives

… Do’s

  • Exercise regularly … although don’t kill yourself and appropriate to yourself … walking and practicing yoga are good options not only to improve physically but also mentally, reduce stress and improve wellbeing 
  • Meditate and be positive that would also improve your health
  • Clothing… comfortable and loose
  • Listen to what your body wants and be good to yourself
  • Be happy and remember that loving (family, friends, partners) would boost your health and improve you enzymes state
  • Laugh… smile… dance… sing… enjoy your life with the most amount of joy and passion as possible

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